Shine has been providing home-based aged care services to the local community for over 45 years. We provide services that help you to continue to live your life as you choose.

Our Core Purpose

Shine is focused on meeting the needs of aged and less abled residents, and their families, of the western district of Perth. We aim to provide high quality and contemporary care and services on a not-for-profit basis.

Who We Are & How We Want to be Perceived

A niche, progressive, high quality not-for-profit provider of services to the aged and less abled that is responsive to the needs of our residents and the local community.

Our Values

Focus on Individuals

  • Our clients are at the centre of everything we do.
  • We recognise our clients as individuals and respect their individual needs, preferences, and goals.
  • We encourage individuals to contribute to our community in ways that are purposeful and fulfilling.

Community Focus

  • Our immediate community comprises our clients and their loved ones, our staff, external partners, our board, our members, and volunteers.
  • Our community is a single team that works together for a single purpose – providing high quality, individualised services to our clients.
  • Although part of a small community, we recognise people as individuals and are inclusive. We are equals and embrace individual differences, change and innovation.
  • We actively integrate with the wider community.
  • We will listen to the local community and respond to the ever-changing needs of aged care.


  • We are accountable to our clients and their loved ones, our teammates and ourselves.
  • We accept responsibility and ownership of our roles and our actions.
  • We recognise clients as individuals and permit them self-determination, choice, and accountability, even if there is an element of risk.
  • We will ensure sustainability to ensure that we can provide care for generations to come.


  • We are focused and direct our efforts towards our clients.
  • We seek the most simple and user-friendly way of providing services.
  • We are flexible and actively seek contemporary ways of doing things.
  • We embrace technology to assist in the delivery of simple, client focused services.

Shine Community Care is a Curtin Heritage Living service

Curtin Heritage Living is a not-for- profit provider of care. We have been leading care in the western suburbs of Perth for over 45-years and recognise the importance of community in the creation of an environment of belonging and support.

We recognise that people have unique experiences, needs and preferences. We aim to provide opportunities for older people to continue a life well lived by providing supportive services within beautiful spaces.

Our homes and services are a vibrant blend of residents, staff, family and community; where everyone is free to be themselves, fun is shared, families are welcomed, and people feel cared for and connected.

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